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Wild Sage: the place to be in Barangaroo

Whether you’re catching up with the girls over brunch, going for lunch with your colleagues, down for a sneaky bevvy after work, or celebrating your birthday over dinner, Wild Sage has all bases covered.

I am known for having my second home in Barangaroo – I’m there that often. And for good reason. I am yet to be disappointed from a visit! When I was at Barangaroo last week for Friday drinks with a girlfriend, by chance or by fate, we ended up at Wild Sage and it made me stop and think – is there anything Wild Sage can’t do?

Tucked away, just behind the hustle and bustle of Wulugul walk (home of Belle’s Hot Chicken and Ume Burger), Wild Sage is a little oasis. Although small, it certainly leaves an impression – from the sleek, modern facade, timber finishes, illuminated bar display, recycled bottle-turned-glasses, to the beautifully illustrated menus and alfresco setting with complimentary blanket to keep you warm, Wild Sage makes sure your experience is next to none.


The upside at the moment is people don’t immediately think of the streets of Barangaroo when choosing a place to eat for breakkie. When almost everything else around is closed on a Saturday morning, Wile Sage is open. Quiet, hardly crowded, perfect. With a varied menu that caters to all tastebuds and literally greets you ‘good morning’, you know you’ve made the right choice. I definitely recommend the Chia Pod and the Shakshuka eggs – trust me.


You can go one of two routes (but really, there is only one way to go), individual mains, or share plates for all. You know what I’d choose. If pork belly lolly pops, truffle parmesan fries, crab & prawn ravioli and wagyu striploin are on the menu… I really cannot see how you could possibly go wrong in this situation. Get a combination of small plates, sides and big plates to have a well rounded experience of the beautifully curated palette that they have to offer.

Friday drinks

Barangaroo House is packed to the rafters on a Friday arvo, every where else is either too casual, too fancy, or too overpriced for what it is. And then, there’s Wild Sage. Looking deceivingly like a humble little restaurant, Wild Sage attracts only the sophisticated of clientele (ahem, moi) and offers only the most aesthetically appealing and delectably delicious of cocktails. And yes, they also do jugs for those of you who are looking for more than just a little pick me up to kick start your weekend.

If you haven’t guessed already, I really .. really like Wild Sage, and without a doubt, it’s currently taking first place as cafe/restaurant/bar to be at Barangaroo (for me, anyway). I highly recommend putting it on your list of places to check out if you’re looking for a good time without having to commit to a pair of heels.

Also located in Cammeray, Wild Sage Barangaroo is open breakfast, lunch and dinner Tuesday – Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday – Monday.



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