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Photo diary: Tokyo, Japan 2018

I would like to first clear the air and apologise for the lateness of this post.

My laptop died about a month ago and is yet to be repaired*. It is 6.40pm on a Friday** and I am currently at work with white wine poured into a champagne glass and typing away whilst pretty much everyone else in Sydney is kickstarting their weekend with after-work-drinks at the pub down the road (not to be mistaken with sad-lonely-office-drinks-on-a-Fri-night).

Now back to more exciting news.

I’m probably still on the high – or maybe not – but I swear, Japan is one of my favourite countries I have visited thus far, and I’ve visited a lot.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t really have any huge expectations, or because Japan has never been high on my priority list of places to visit (for no real reason really), but I was so pleasantly surprised. From the hospitality that we were met with as soon as we landed, to the charming little ramen houses, buzzing nightlife, jaw-dropping temples, stunning mountains and the always reliable 7-eleven, I could not fault it.

I’ll save the stories for another time, but for now, here are some photos I took along the way which I hope convince you to start planning your own trip to Japan! I’ve decided to split this up into a series to focus on each city separately – there were just too many photos to choose from!


*update: since I started writing this post, my laptop has been repaired. Yay! **update: it has been a few weeks since this Friday.


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